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Indulge diners. Bon appetit.

Display curated social conversations.
Publish restaurant story bytes.
Showcase and influence diners in real time.
Increase restaurant's social popularity.
Be the talk of the town.

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Solutions: restaurant social contest


Promote featured dishes and social offers using targeted hashtags. Engage with diners in real time during dine-in sessions.

  • Launch new menu items and make them viral.

  • Increase brand value and retain customers with innovative discounts.

Solutions: restaurant trendboard


Entertain diners with real time social buzz around the current sport events and latest news. Encourage diners to engage in social conversations from within the restaurant.

  • Keep customers connected socially to hold them back to have them spend more.

  • More crowds. More reviews. More social value. More business.
Solutions: restaurant inspirations


Become a niche expert with recipe sharing. Inspire culinary efforts with nutritional knowledge.

  • Get creative to share food d├ęcor ideas.

  • Provide information on food origins, history and combinations.


Contentplum Feature: Curate


  • Control which posts and photos are being displayed.
  • Promote your most influential posts on top.

Contentplum Feature: Curate


  • Edit text of social post description.
  • Remove profane words from description.

Contentplum Feature: Curate

Customize look and feel

  • ContentPlum supports multiple theme and layout options to create a unique experience for your event display
  • Customized color, size and font type allows you to align it with your event theme

Contentplum Feature: Auto Update

Auto Update

  • Periodically fetch new content from social media accounts
  • Social feeds are auto scrolled and auto updated at your event screen without any manual intervention

Contentplum Feature: Remove duplicated content

Remove Duplicated Content

  • Display duplicated content only once while showcasing social hub at your event. This feature is helpful when same content is brodcasted to multiple social media accounts.