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Motivate employees to engage socially from around the globe.
Enable social sharing for employees to share customer insights and sentiments.
Share company wide event details, product news and training details.
Build social proof by sharing company culture to attract new talent.
Address an entire organization with personalized hashtags.

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Solutions: office newsboard


  • Share consistent company news, buzz and updates from around the world.

  • Display press releases, product announcements and other important activities.

  • Share team goals, achievements and showcase product highlights.

Solutions: office social contests


  • Bring employees from around the world closer through social contests.

  • Provide a culture resembling a family through various social interactions.

  • Build teams to perform successfully with competitions and social activities.


Contentplum Feature: Curate


  • Control which posts and photos are being displayed.
  • Promote your most influential posts on top.

Contentplum Feature: Curate


  • Edit text of social post description.
  • Remove profane words from description.

Contentplum Feature: Curate

Customize look and feel

  • ContentPlum supports multiple theme and layout options to create a unique experience for your event display
  • Customized color, size and font type allows you to align it with your event theme

Contentplum Feature: Auto Update

Auto Update

  • Periodically fetch new content from social media accounts
  • Social feeds are auto scrolled and auto updated at your event screen without any manual intervention

Contentplum Feature: Remove duplicated content

Remove Duplicated Content

  • Display duplicated content only once while showcasing social hub at your event. This feature is helpful when same content is brodcasted to multiple social media accounts.