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Curate and integrate social feeds.
Provide a visually engaging buying experience.
Promote your brand, build social trust, amplify social reach.
Increase conversions.

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ContentPlum Ecommerce Solution

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Bring together real time social buzz and conversations. Increase user engagement. Convert visitors into customers.

  • Curate your customer's social posts and photos from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Integrated social sharing buttons helps amplify social reach and brand awareness.

  • Choose from different layouts and themes to create a native visual experience.

Solutions: Ecommerce Shoppable Instagram


Feature products. Inspier followers. Influence buyers.

  • Turn your Instagram feed into a shoppable product gallery.

  • Convert user generated photos into revenue generating streams.

  • Use a single powerful link and drive followers to your shoppable gallery.


Share real customer sentiments about your products and store. Use them at different conversion points. Provide confidence to potential shoppers.

  • Simple step-by-step approach to requesting, collecting and publishing customer testimonials.

  • Encourage social followers to provide testimonials on Facebook and Twitter. Curate and display these influential social posts.

  • Customize the look and feel to match your website appeal. Control which testimonials to approve or disapprove.


Implement social competitions and giveaways. Display ongoing social contest conversations. Boost real time social interactions with customers.

  • Increase motivation for potential customers to participate in social contests. Drive more traffic and buzz for your store.

  • Launch new products and collect customer feedback. Gain social trust and establish your brand.

  • Define your own rules, hashtags, kick start a contest and automatically fetch live social posts.

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Contentplum Feature: Curate


  • Control which posts and photos are being displayed on your widget.
  • Promote your most influential posts on top of the widget.

Contentplum Feature: Curate


  • Edit text of social post description.
  • Remove profane words from description.

Contentplum Feature: Curate

Customize look and feel

  • ContentPlum supports multiple theme and layout options to create a native experience for your widget
  • Customized color, size and font type allows you to align it with your website fonts

Contentplum Feature: Curate

Sharing buttons

  • Visitors do not have to abandon your site to share displayed content on your widget
  • Native Facebook and Twitter social sharing buttons allows visitors to share content directly from your widget

Contentplum Feature: Curate

Social Analytics

  • Social analytics dashboard showcases the complete engagement matrix
  • Impressions, Click-throughs, Most clicked and shared content.

Contentplum Feature: Curate

CTA (Call to Action) Buttons

  • Social Follow buttons and share buttons will prompt user to take action.