Most powerful tool to embed TESTIMONIALS to your website.

Manually Add Testimonials anytime and keep them fresh .
Collect testimonials by broadcasting email request to write testimonial alongwith link to Testimonial form .
Completely control (Approve/Disapprove) which Testimonials are being displayed on the widget.
Collect Social Testimonials by connecting Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Display curated influential social posts .
Customize look and feel to match your website.
It just takes 10 minutes . Add testimonials to Contentplum dashboard and Embed code to your website.
No developer intervention required. No need to wait for next build and release cycle.

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  • Collect : Just send out mass email to your customer email list asking them to write testimonial. They will be directed to Testimonial form from their email. Once they fill up form you just have to manually approve or disapporve. Contentplum allivates buden of following up with each individual customer and asking developer to insert all entries on website.
  • Social Testimonials: Most easy way to collect testimonial is turn social coversations into testimonials. Customers are freely vouching for your brand on social media. Just connect social media accounts in Contentplum and selectively display social posts as testimonials on any page of your website.
  • Periodic update: Once you add social accounts then you don't have to do anything. Contentplum will periodically fetch social posts from respective social media accounts.
  • Moderate: Modify text of your testimonial. Remove profane word from the text.
  • Customize look and feel: Contentplum supports multiple theme and layout option to create native experience for your Testimonial widget. You can also customize color, size and type of fonts used in your widget

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