Most powerful tool to embed RSS FEED to your website.

Showcase your own blog by embedding RSS FEED widget on different pages of your website.
Promote your most popular posts on the widget.
Make it socially sharable right from the widget with social share buttons.
Curate relevant content from different RSS feeds and engage your website visitors.
Showcase your knowledge and expertise about any topic.
Visually display snippet of your blog post and prevent it from being lost in archives.
Exponentially increase email subscsibers for your blog.
Customize look and feel to match your website.
It just takes 10 minutes . Connect any RSS FEED and Embed code to your website.

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  • Curate : Curate content from multiple RSS feeds and control which posts are being displayed on the widget.
  • Moderate: Edit text of the post. Make it appealing for the snippet
  • Periodic update: Once you add RSS FEED then you don't have to do anything. Contentplum will periodically fetch posts from respective RSS feeds.
  • Customize look and feel: Contentplum supports multiple theme and layout option to create native experience for your RSS widget. You can also customize color, size and type of fonts used in your widget
  • Sharing buttons: Visitors don't have to leave your site to share content being displayed on the widget. Native Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons to allow visitor to share content right from the widget
  • Analytics: Social Analytics dashboard will display complete engagement matrix. Impressions, Click-throughs, Most shared content, Top influencers, Gained social followers.
  • CTA (Call to Action) Buttons: Social Follow buttons, share buttons and email subscription forms will prompt user to take action.

Use it for...

  • Showcase your Blog Normally blog posts resides on blogging platforms. Showcase them on different platforms like your own website, ecommerce store, facebook page, event screens and digital signage.
  • Content Curation Most people don't find time to write blog posts. But there is lot of useful and relevant content already available on other people's blogs. Just Curate content from different RSS feeds for you audiance and share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Increase blog email subscribers People are more likely to subscribe blog if they can visualize interesting content. Contentplum widget gives you power to do that on any platform.

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