Social Media Integration Examples For E-Commerce Businesses

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E-commerce stores rely on their online aura heavily. Branding and social trust has never been more important than now. Integrating social media is imperative for e-commerce businesses. With numerous social media outlets one can definitely be creative. And with a social media hub from ContentPlum you can empower it effectively.

Online users are smart. Smarter than ever. They know what to look for, how to look for and where to look for. An e-commerce store can have the greatest of the products. But without a social media presence, one hardly knows about it. And then there is the trust quotient.

Today we are going to explore some social media integration examples. These are specifically curated for e-commerce businesses. The idea is plain and simple. Get inspired. Get going.

Social Media Integration Ideas For E-Commerce Businesses

Social media integration can happen in many different ways. We are going to take a look at some of the potential impact points. And we will see how some of the brands do it the right way.

1. Landing Pages / Home Pages

Xeroshoes shows a classic testimonial example. Delivers the customer’s trust quotient up front. Potential shoppers can read about what existing customers have to say. For unique products like these, testimonials are powerful.

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2. Product Pages

Hashtags are a powerful element in social media. BlackMilk clothing store makes a great example for it. For each of their product they define a unique hashtag. They encourage buyers to post photos using that hashtag. Establishes genuine authenticity of their products by end customers.

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3. Social Buzz / Community Pages

All of us know about Coach. A trusted brand. And they are still putting in efforts to integrate social media. They run a simple #coachfromabove galleria. Coach urged it’s customers to take a photo and tag it using the above hashtag. The idea was to have participants feature in their galleria. Another feature was location based tagging. It allowed Coach to feature customers on a map. And that showcased their global reach.

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4. Facebook Pages

The power of Facebook is no longer unknown. A social media giant, it offers customized pages for brands. You can also integrate Instagram or Twitter feeds within your Facebook page. Helps you offer users an integrated experience of your social feeds. DODOCase facebook page is an excellent example.

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 5. Social Contests and Giveaways

A great way to attract more customers is to run contests. Prizes and giveaways lure customers. Asos recently ran a similar contest giving away a trip to Miami. Users were asked to create an epic video. The best entry wins.

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So if you run an e-commerce store try the above ideas. Let us know what you think of them. You can also try using one of our many widgets. If you have any unique creative ideas share them below.

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