Top 4 Event Management Instagram Ideas

event management instagram ideas

Event management industry requires creativity. Clients are always demanding for something new. And within its challenges lies the social media marketing pie. Instagram plays a significant role in it. Event management instagram ideas make things interesting. It allows event managers to wow their clients. Uniquely and with a cutting edge.

Businesses thrive on providing a content driven experience. Social media visualization tactics are being deployed. With the onset of smart devices Instagram has become a blessing. For events, it has the power to deliver visually appeasing social content. Live in real time. And that opens up tremendous possibilities for user engagement.

So let’s explore some of the event management instagram ideas. Let’s deep dive and find out how Instagram can help you transition to the next level.

Top 4 Event Management Instagram Ideas

Instagram helps users visualize. It’s an online social networking site. It allows users to share photos and videos. And it has plenty of functionality to use.

1. Live Sharing

For events, one can share photos of pre-event, during the event and post-event. Draw attention by posting pre-event photos. Use a unique hashtag to tag your event on Instagram.

Inspire users to post photos in real time. Attendees can use the hashtag to post live images of the event. And finally wrap it up with a post-event follow up. Provide a streamlined image gallery. Extend gratitude and connect with the followers. Publish that on your Instagram feed.

2. Create Social Buzz

Instagram’s hashtag functionality is a powerful tool. Events need a buzz around it. One of the key event management instagram ideas is using the hashtag functionality.

As an event manager you can reach targeted audience. Think of a unique hashtag to direct your content to a specific audience. Users can discover your event through this hashtag. They can also search for specific content. Quickly and effectively. Instagram will also return matched items relevant to your hashtag. All of this helps create a social buzz around your event.

3. Increase User Engagement

Social content is stale without human interactions. Sharing photos and using hashtags enables you to increase user engagement.

Connect with event attendees in real time. Respond to social conversations on Instagram relevant to your event. And remember to use the hashtag created for your event. This would bring real social conversations to life.  These event marketing efforts would reap great benefits.

4. Captioning

A photo speaks for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words. A cliche. But yet, Instagram does offer you the ability to caption an image.

Image titles or captions should be kept short. No need for a long string of text. Deliver a punch line with an image. But keep it at a minimal level. Long boring sentences causes too much of a distraction. User attention spans are limited.

Events make or break businesses. A well-planned event attracts users and maintains their trust. Social branding and gaining a reputation is of utmost importance for event managers. The above event management instagram ideas helps achieve just that. A great audience and an excellent speaker might be mandatory. But then the social media efforts are imperative too.

What are some of the unique event management instagram ideas you could think of? We would love to hear and learn. Share them in the comments section below. You can also read about various other creative Instagram ideas for business here.

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