The Idea
The seed for ContentPlum was sown while working on an earlier startup idea. The inspiration was to convert static and stale social media efforts into a dynamic entity. Idea transformed into a code and here we are at ContentPlum providing solutions to businesses and individuals to change their social media marketing landscape.

The Problem
Social media ROI impact relies on certain vectors. One of which is static social content and social sharing buttons. Businesses have lot of stale content scattered across different social media outlets. Lack of visibility to such social feeds is not helping.

The Solution
ContentPlum widgets allows businesses and individuals to bring their social content to life. It helps them amplify user engagement and social reach. Social conversations can be curated and showcased in a hub. Multiple feeds can be integrated to unleash the power of dynamic social sharing.

The Mojo
Like any other startup we have a small but an agile team. Quality of our products is what we talk about daily at ContentPlum. The voice of the customer is what makes us better, day after day. Hacker Dojo (a startup co-working space located in Mountain View, San Francisco Bay Area), is our current home. A community of vibrant individuals working on the next big thing provides us the required experience and guidance. Our passion at ContentPlum is unparalleled.

The Status Quo
Launched in April 2014, ContentPlum solutions currently powers more than 400 ecommerce stores and websites. With plenty of action planned, our goal is to break into the other verticals like digital signage, live events, restaurants and much more as we grow. We envision ContentPlum to be the difference maker in an evolving social media landscape.