User Generated Content – 4 Benefits for Live Events

user generated content

Techtarget defines user generated content as, “the words and photos which unpaid contributors create and provide to publications, especially web properties”. User generated content has good ROI benefits. But it is important to understand this definition. This defines a good marketing strategy.

It’s a way of leveraging user engagement. And to steer clear from static social media efforts. This works particularly well at events using a social wall. Think along the lines of real time tweeting. Any event then transforms into a live “interaction”. Between the brand, the attendees & the social media participants.

ContentPlum offers a variety of products. To inspire such interactive engagement. It works for live events & web marketing. Such engagement-inspired tactics are highly beneficial for your ROI campaigns. So what are the user generated content advantages?

4 User Generated Content Benefits For Live Events

(1) Cost Effective Social Wall

User generated content relies on a simple fact. It is information shared by “unpaid” individuals. They are not influenced to generate such content. In other words – it’s a natural, organic promotion. Guests at your event can use a specific hashtag to create such content. In a way this helps them create an experience. Your event is then searched, mentioned and promoted. All by using this simple hashtag. And there will be live real time interactions.

As a company you will only need to make use of a program. Something that allows you to curate this content. And display it at your event using monitors, tablets, screens and even jumbotrons. ContentPlum offers this Social Wall service where you can choose the relevant hashtags and search terms along with a variety of display options.

(2) Simplified ROI Tracking

Live social walls in events can also help analyze the performance by the numbers. These analytics gives you an indication of the campaign success. This could be -

  • Number of new followers
  • Number of tweets
  • Count of Retweets
  • New posts

and much more.

This will also give you the chance to analyze your average ‘fan’. And determine their online habits. Social walls gives you insights into user expectations. These analysis are a coveted asset. It goes a long way in helping you plan your next social media strategy.

(3) Inspire User Engagement

Social walls inspire engagement. And that is one of the most profound benefits. That, in turn helps your marketing campaign to increase brand awareness. User generated content creates an online conversation. And it makes your event go viral. User engagement leads to more interaction with your brand. This increase your chances of conversions & sales.

Social wall engagement is different from traditional advertising strategies. This is more time relevant. Traditional ads and updates are static. It requires users to interact with updates after-the-fact. Whereas with a social wall, it happens on-the-go. In real time.

(4) Better and Effective SEO

Amy Hayes explains the importance of user generated content & its influence on SEO in a post on Huffington Post.

“Search engines love fresh content. In fact, ‘freshness of content’ is one of Google’s five factors in algorithm updates, helping to explain why SEO experts preach the importance of new, relevant site material on a regular basis”.

What is more relevant & fresh than a social wall at your event? Take a step further. You can publish a collection of your favorite social content too. This could be a blog post. And that will bridge the connection. Online and offline. To improve your ROI, you need good SEO.

As seen, social wall is an important part of your strategy. And user generated content powers it. A combination of this is crucial to your profitability. And ContentPlum products will help you achieve that. What do you think about social walls? Share your thoughts below and inspire us all.

(Guest Blog Author: Anneke Steenkamp) (Edited By: Samkit Shah)