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Twitter Wall For Running Q&A Sessions During Events

twitter wall

Twitter advantages are aplenty. It is an important peg in the wheel of social media. Live events have seen an uptick in twitter usage lately. With powerful capabilities, a twitter wall can help engage with participants and increase activity during such live events. Today we explore different ideas for creating such a twitter wall. And look into some successful (and not-so-successful) examples.

Live events is all about visual appeal. A twitter wall truly justifies exactly that. Events are already taking advantage of different screens. Monitors, TVs, projectors, jumbo-trons and much more. A well designed twitter wall campaign can reap plenty of benefits. From increased engagement levels to a global social reach.

Ideas For Twitter Wall To Run Q&A Sessions

So how can one get a twitter wall up and running? What goes into the back-end part of it? How to create a twitter wall? How to run a Q&A campaign using a twitter wall? The answer to all these questions lies within twitter’s powerful functionality. Let’s explore a few alongside other social media strategies.

1. Hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for the live event. Promote the use of that hashtag. Educate participants to tweet their questions using this hashtag. You can then use ContentPlum widget to curate and display such activity on a twitter wall.

Using hashtags users can target questions specific to the entire event. Or they can direct questions to a certain speaker. Or a company.

2. Live Display

The key to a successful twitter wall and an awesome Q&A campaign is displaying it live. Motivate participants to post questions by displaying the social conversation live during an ongoing event.

These feeds can also be displayed on event’s website/page. People who cannot attend a live event can still view them. It also helps such users to post questions remotely.

3. Participants

We mentioned participants in both the points above. Who exactly are they? It could be anyone and everyone. Event sponsors can answer questions about their strategies. Booth owners can engage by providing insights about their products. Subject matter experts can respond to live questions about their expertise.

A twitter wall and a Q&A session thus helps increase engagement. Campaigns can be ran before, during and post event.

4. Knowledge Pool

By running such Q&A campaigns, you are creating a pool of knowledge. These questions and their answers can be archived for later reference. Users can always come back to them to seek guidance or refresh their memory.

These are good sources of FAQs. One can continue running such Q&A sessions using hashtags even after the event has ended. It helps increase twitter activity and provides valuable insights.

An example of a Twitter Q&A session -

twitter wall

Few examples of a live Twitter chat session to increase user engagement -

twitter wall

twitter wall

An example of how such a Twitter QnA session can help even after the activity is over - 

twitter wall

Overall, a twitter wall combined with such Q&A sessions has many advantages -

  • An uptick in engagement levels
  • Increased social outreach
  • Ability to attract participants through visual content
  • Motivate users to contribute and explore new ideas
  • Allowing participants to get directly involved giving them a personal touch
  • And much more ….

It allows users to reach out. Provides a social trust quotient for your brand. It delivers content that has specific contest to your followers. Gets them involved and increases engagement. But one needs to be very careful in how they run this campaign.

There are certain cases where the Ask QnA sessions went haywire. For example, NFL ran a campaign called “#AskCommish”. As a result their twitter feeds were filled up with negative comments. JPMorgan also ran a similar campaign called #AskJPM. They faced the wrath of citizens blasting at the overall business of JPMorgan.

So one needs to be very confident in the content they deliver. If a QnA session over twitter is supposed to fail you should be aware of it. If you have been in the middle of some fall-outs running such a campaign might not be a good idea. So what are your thoughts on a Twitter Wall? Share your comments below.