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Top 5 Advantages of a Social Media Hub

Social Media Hub

Looking for convincing reasons to use a social media hub? We will get to it. But first up – some facts. Social media marketing has grown by leaps & bounds showing no signs of regression. Innovation has driven the social media market to new horizons beyond the ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter networks. Competitors are always looking for that extra edge to engage with the customers.

Social media strategies are cumbersome due to the complex outlets. Curating content across multiple channels to offer a real time user experience calls for humongous efforts. Content Plum’s social media hub offers a one stop shop to seamlessly manage just that.

Social Media Hub

Misconception: An entity for aggregating multiple social media feeds from various outlets.

Truth: A social media hub uses curated content to engage with users and amplify reach.

Simply put, a social media hub would help you to –

  • Increase user engagement
  • Build social trust
  • Grow and sustain social reach
  • Provide a native experience
  • Influence content

With the correct perspective in mind, let’s deep dive into the advantages of using a social media hub.

Top 5 Advantage of a Social Media Hub

1. Increasing User Engagement

The era of SoLoMo has arrived. Online users are now more social, local and mobile. Add to it technology has made them savvier. Social media usage is on the rampage. People are thriving for a more personal experience. Something real time. On their laptops. On their tablets. On their cell phones. Just about everywhere.

Social Media Hubs delivers that exact experience. It helps you connect with the audience, in real time. Imagine a live social interaction with a customer, through the hub on your website. You would keep that user curious and wanting for more. Translates to having the user spend more time on your website. Hence more chances of business conversion.

2. Building Social Trust

How many times have online reviews influenced you into buying something? Ratings are published for a reason. Recommendations are carefully adhered to a brand, an image. It’s all about trust. Believing in what millions of online users have to say about a product does matter.

Users are curious to know how others react to a particular entity. A social media hub builds your brand image. Gaining the online confidence sentiment is mandatory. Live social conversations are the building blocks. A recent study indicated that social posts have a 70% edge over manual testimonials.

3. Growing & Sustaining Social Reach

Social media feeds on likes, followers and connections. Social reach is the name of the game. You could be the next million dollar idea. But you are barely known to the online world. You hardly have a social media presence.

Social Media Hub builds a fan base for you. Literally? No. Poetically? Yes. If you can deliver useful content, the social media world want you to. If you have a great product, people want it. Users want to follow you, the brand, the product. It’s their way of flaunting the next big thing that’s on the market today. Building your connections, followers and admirers is a big fundamental step. Speaks a lot about your reach, not just locally, but worldwide.

 4. Delivering a Native Experience

Social media is an art. Providing online visitors an artistic feel is a luxury. Delivering a unique social media experience could be your USP. Most of social networks cannot provide multiple themes and layouts.

Multiple social media widgets are available to your disposal. Integrate them and you get a complete alien entity. Instead, use a social media hub, and revamp it. Make it gel successfully to interact with other social content. Customers not only want to buy a product, but also buy an experience. A great one indeed.

5. Influencing Content

Ability to influence is a major asset to possess. A perfect example would be this blog post. You making it so far here, is a living proof of how content plays a major role. Ask yourself, what made you read up to this point? What was it that urged you to go on reading?

The answer is simple. The knack to influence. The ability to engage and have a user follow you. The art of making that user seamlessly connect with you. The science of stirring curiosity, hitting the right notes. How to do that? A social media hub!

Want more advantages? How about you tell us? Start exploring with customized designs. Play around with real-time user experiences. All of these and much more with Content Plum’s social media hub. Flexibility to aggregate, curate and moderate relevant content. Build your brand, inspire social trust and increase user engagements!

We, at Content Plum, love to stimulate our brain cells. We are eager to connect with you. Learn from you. And to do that, we seek your expert comments down below. Experiences, suggestions, opinions, critiques, reviews, or a simple hello would do too!

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