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Promote an event successfully using user generated content

promote an event

To promote an event successfully using user generated content calls for diligent efforts. Due to the continual rise of social media and Google’s changing algorithmic programs, quality content plays a significant role for every company aiming to establish a long-lasting web presence. Undisputed, unique and meaning-focused content requires time and hard work. Plus, it can be expensive, especially when you are outsourcing it.

Thankfully, there are cost-effective ways that lay on user-generated content principles to help companies promote an exceptional content the entertaining way. It is called event promotion via social media. From giveaways to contests, there is a wide array of topics an event can cover. To reap the rewards as soon as possible, you have to design and run that event carefully. One of the keys to a successful event promotion is to be persuasive enough to engage as more participants as possible to your event. Sometimes this can be a real challenge. Here are some guidelines on how to promote an event and gain free content to your website.

By and large, the most popular social networking sites today remain as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare

To promote an event, ContentPlum’s focus stays on these networking sites. They are open channels for communication with people worldwide who are interested in the particular niche. This is a huge benefit and everyone has to use it, by all means.

Tips to Promote an Event successfully using User Generate Content

Integrate all social media profiles

Each of your social media channels can contribute a lot for promoting an event in a unique way. The key is to make goals and plan ahead. The goals for your event can vary. Nonetheless, it is better when you have data that measure in actual numbers. Thus, you’d valuate the results clearly.

What kind of data to take into account?

  • new email subscribers
  • new Facebook page likes
  • Retweets
  • shared links
  • number of unique visitors
  • sales 

Define the goals

Let the sales and money-making not be the main goal. The event has to focus on building a strong relationship with the users. Once you have their attention, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand.  You can leverage a lot from establishing a large online presence and growing a fan base.

Create a unified hashtag name that suits your event

As you attempt to promote an event on social media, you have to come up with a proper and meaningful hashtag name. Hashtags are vital when promoting an event, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Take time while developing the hashtag. Don’t go for long hashtags. The shorter is easy to remember. More importantly, your hashtag has to be original and unified. Make a list of suggestions. Then pick the one that sounds best. Upload the promotional materials on your social media profiles and put the hashtag on. Bear in mind, you can keep using the hashtag after the event because, by rule, hashtags are a great way to promote a brand. ContentPlum can do this for you with fulfilling user experience in mind.

Promote event on Facebook

On average, more than 450 million people visit Facebook daily, which makes it a beneficial place when it comes to promote an event. The first step is to create a Facebook page with your brand name on. Don’t rely on your personal Facebook profile. Pages allow users to Like them and follow new updates. Plus, they are significantly more visible. Announce the event’s topic. Use it to tell your brand’s story. It is much easier to spread the word on Facebook and invite as many people to join as you want. In order to engage much interest, pick a catchy and descriptive name for the event. Be sure to use powerful images to leave the users impressed and excited. ContentPlum focuses on the different ways the event would impact the target audience. The main goal is building a community of people who support your cause.

Promote an event on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another awesome social place where you can find supporters who may not be that active on Facebook or Twitter. To promote your event, you can follow the same principles as on Facebook. Your focus should be mainly on the impact. Be concrete and honest as you tell the story of your event. Also, it’s important to choose the industry that suits the event and set the right labels.

Upload Behind-the-scenes photos and videos

In most cases, visual content impacts users better than written. Just remember how much viewers enjoy watching the bloopers at the end of a movie. You can re-create something similar with your event to boost engagement. For this, use Instagram and YouTube.  Share pictures of you and your team during the preparation process. Tell funny stories about mistakes, last-minute changes, what problems you have faced and how you solved them, show images where members of the tam express genuine reactions of joy or surprise. Choose the most influential images and videos. When users feel close to you, they are likely to support your cause or brand. Don’t forget to include hashtags on the photos and videos. If you need examples, make sure to check the Polo on the Beach competition on Instagram #POTB14 accomplished by ContentPlum.

Build a social wall

Real-time social buzz is the best way to enhance user excitement over the event. Let anyone interested join the ongoing conversation feed and leave a comment. Enable the attendees to be part of the buzz as well.  If you don’t have a clear idea, leave ContentPlum to do the heavy lifting for you.   We will use the right tools to monitor the posts and photos being displayed on tablets and television screens. Whatever the event is, wedding, sports game, concert, we will make sure that the most inspiring posts stay on top of the feed and invite more users to share the event virtually.  Needless to say, by creating buzz, you inspire visibility. Naturally, when more participants join your event, it gets popular. There’s success.

Announce the event through your email signature

This is a ridiculously easy thing to do. Just think for a moment how many emails you send every single day. Now think of them as a good opportunity to enhance the awareness of your event. Next time, as you finish writing an email, before you click on the “send” button, make sure to add a hyperlink (perhaps an image or graphic) of the event to your signature.


When it comes to promoting an event, social media along with powerful user generated content combined with a social wall entity like ContentPlum become the most powerful tools. If you want to achieve the desired marketing goals, you can’t afford not using it. Not in the today’s world, where most viral events take place on the Internet.

Best Social Media Widget To Boost Social Engagement

best social media widget

Did you follow the #TheDress viral effect lately? Yet another classic social media example. Answers the whys and hows of social media power. But we are not talking about that today. We shall get to it some other fine day. We want to enlighten you on the best social media widget for your business.

Today’s blog post is just a simple know-how. An article about how ContentPlum product is vital. For social media marketing. For user engagement. For capturing live social conversations. And for a unique social media experience. The post draws a picture of the best social media widget. And why you should take advantage of it.

Earlier we blogged about how social media hubs are powering social engagement. We also touched upon various industries as well. Restaurants, events, eCommerce. And we talked about platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Today, we talk at length about our product. How it helps all of the above. We discuss the ins and outs.  And much more. We deep dive into the best social media widget.

Best Social Media Widget To Boost Social Engagement

Social engagement is a vital aspect. For any marketing strategy. For a social marketer. For a social media campaign. Whatever be the industry. Marketers are interested in user engagement levels. Let’s walk through a couple of examples. These are broad strokes. It encapsulates how ContentPlum can increase social engagement. And how it can happen through the best social media widget.


Users can be engaged on the website. And at the physical location. A perfect setting for the social marketer. And the restaurant owner. The ability to influence diners is amazing. Sharing customer reviews helps the cause. And building social proof is lucrative in the long run.

Diners can post social photos. About the food they love (or don’t). Talk about the ambiance. Discount offers. And above all indulge in a very unique dining experience. Sounds interesting? Find out more on this here. Restaurateurs should take advantage of this best social media widget. Period.


As an employer its important to make your employees feel connected. A work spaces need not necessarily be boring. ContentPlum product enables organizations to establish a lively environment. It allows employees to share and connect socially. Locally as well as globally. You can find our more information here.

Sharing customer insights. Photos from company wide events. Important announcements and news. The best social media widget brings employees from different countries together. Closer and connected.


An industry that thrives solely on user experience. Hoteliers are constantly putting in efforts to improve this experience. Their USP relies entirely on the guests enjoying their stay. ContentPlum product allows to fully exploit this notion. And build a brand, increase profits and attract more guests.

Social media allows guests to share their experience. Customers are inspired to share their wow moments. And displaying these live social conversations increases the reach. Locally. Globally. People far and near can now get real time access. Into your hotel’s ambiance, services and attractive features.

Social Media Marketing / Digital Media Agencies

Agencies execute various marketing strategies. Businesses rely on digital media agencies to help them with social media. Read how our product can provide the extra edge. To the agencies. And to the clients.

With ability to do A/B testing our product helps agencies evaluate before taking the leap. The product can then be fine tuned to meet client expectations. Brand building and social proof can be easily acquired. Social interactions get a boost as well. For an agency it’s a no-brainer to enhance their product portfolio. For businesses it’s a win-win since the agency has already tested out our product.

ContentPlum is strategically placed to provide the edge to various industries. As seen, our product is easily scaled. Easy to adapt. And applicable across various niches. A social wall works wonders. Check out a few demo links to get the real taste. Let us know what do you think of our concept. Get in touch with us if you would like to revamp your social media outlook.

Digital Publishing Brought To Life Using Social Media

digital publishing

Digital publishing has never been so powerful before. Online news and media have gone through a massive transformation. Social media has driven digital publishing to new realms. Publishers have adapted to this change. Geographic boundaries no longer matter when it comes to online media.

Earlier we wrote about the advantages of a social media hub. Today we build upon them specifically for the digital publishers. Online media is built upon a solid foundation. It’s success depends on how much viral the content becomes. And to make it possible one needs to inject life into their published content. Digital publishing has the power to reach millions around the globe. And also bring them closer.

Digital Publishing Brought To Life Using Social Media

An effective way of attracting readers is to publish good content. That’s mandatory. No one likes to read without a purpose. But then, stale content is also harmful. So why not bring your digital content to life? How? Read along.

1. Real-time Social Experience

digital publishingUsers are more attracted to real time experiences. Would you not be interested to catch up on an event as it happens?

A social media hub can deliver exactly that. Bring news, events and all the action to life, in real time. Share it with your followers. Increase user engagement.

2. Pushing Relevant Content

Attention spans are diminishing. Relevancy is getting more important. Users find it extremely useful to having being suggested relevant content. With a social media hub you can recommend content. It’s like pushing the injury news to a fantasy football fan if he is reading about top waiver picks.

3. Story Time

News reporting happens in real time. But it’s single dimensional. Capturing snippets from around the world for the same event makes it interesting. A user would find it much more valuable. He no longer has to jump from site to site. Different stories about the same news piece is now available.

4. Segmentation and Categorization

A sports fan would care less about what’s happening in politics. An engineer would love to read tech stuff rather than figure out what to cook. Diversification makes things even more interesting. As a publisher you can segment out these areas of interest. And then categorize them into separate widgets. These dedicated social media hubs delivers targeted content.

5. Get Connected

digital publishingAllowing online users to chat, post messages and interact in real time is magic. Imagine posting a video and opening up the forum for discussion. Users share their opinions and reviews. And they can now connect with other like minded people.

Increases brand awareness and social reach. And importantly builds social trust for your digital content.

Digital publishing has never been so much fun. Integrate a social media hub to realize the full potential. Create a widget and start reaping the benefits of it. Drop in your comments and let us know what do you think of a social media hub?

Social Media Integration Examples For E-Commerce Businesses

social media

E-commerce stores rely on their online aura heavily. Branding and social trust has never been more important than now. Integrating social media is imperative for e-commerce businesses. With numerous social media outlets one can definitely be creative. And with a social media hub from ContentPlum you can empower it effectively.

Online users are smart. Smarter than ever. They know what to look for, how to look for and where to look for. An e-commerce store can have the greatest of the products. But without a social media presence, one hardly knows about it. And then there is the trust quotient.

Today we are going to explore some social media integration examples. These are specifically curated for e-commerce businesses. The idea is plain and simple. Get inspired. Get going.

Social Media Integration Ideas For E-Commerce Businesses

Social media integration can happen in many different ways. We are going to take a look at some of the potential impact points. And we will see how some of the brands do it the right way.

1. Landing Pages / Home Pages

Xeroshoes shows a classic testimonial example. Delivers the customer’s trust quotient up front. Potential shoppers can read about what existing customers have to say. For unique products like these, testimonials are powerful.

social media

2. Product Pages

Hashtags are a powerful element in social media. BlackMilk clothing store makes a great example for it. For each of their product they define a unique hashtag. They encourage buyers to post photos using that hashtag. Establishes genuine authenticity of their products by end customers.

social media

3. Social Buzz / Community Pages

All of us know about Coach. A trusted brand. And they are still putting in efforts to integrate social media. They run a simple #coachfromabove galleria. Coach urged it’s customers to take a photo and tag it using the above hashtag. The idea was to have participants feature in their galleria. Another feature was location based tagging. It allowed Coach to feature customers on a map. And that showcased their global reach.

social media

4. Facebook Pages

The power of Facebook is no longer unknown. A social media giant, it offers customized pages for brands. You can also integrate Instagram or Twitter feeds within your Facebook page. Helps you offer users an integrated experience of your social feeds. DODOCase facebook page is an excellent example.

social media

 5. Social Contests and Giveaways

A great way to attract more customers is to run contests. Prizes and giveaways lure customers. Asos recently ran a similar contest giving away a trip to Miami. Users were asked to create an epic video. The best entry wins.

social media


So if you run an e-commerce store try the above ideas. Let us know what you think of them. You can also try using one of our many widgets. If you have any unique creative ideas share them below.

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4 Creative Social Media Hub Ideas For Restaurants


Earlier we wrote about the top 5 social media hub advantages. Today we will talk about applying those for restaurants. There is more than just the delicious food. Restaurants need to look for that extra edge. Something that will attract new customers. And retain them as well.

Restaurants rely on trust. Social trust as well as quality trust. A recent study revealed that a restaurant can lose 30 customers. All because of one negative review. A social media hub is a powerful utility to curb that. There are two aspects of using it. On a restaurant’s website. And physically at a restaurant’s location.

But before we deep dive let’s look into some numbers.

  • 80% of people look up a restaurant online and check their reviews.
  • 88% of these people will actually act on what they see.
  • 75% of online consumers use social media regularly.
  • 48% of diners are online using social media while eating at home or out.

Now let’s get a perspective of how these consumers behave on the table.

  • 35% users actually socialize online while eating.
  • 25% users hunt for recipes.
  • 40% learn stuff related to food and drinks through blogs or apps.
  • 25% browse for deals and coupons online.

And one can start to imagine how big is the scope here. Social media has given unparalleled options. For the restaurants and for consumers. So how can a social media hub from Content Plum can help? Let’s take a look at just the online aspect of it.

4 Creative Social Media Hub Ideas For Restaurants

Abundant applications exist to use social media. Restaurants can get as much creative as they can. Generating online presence and gaining user engagements are important. So let’s see what type of content can you share.

1. Tweets/Hashtags


(Credit: Click Here)

Imagine real time diners tweeting right from the table. Put that feed up on your social media hub. Online users will be attracted to know what’s going on. Curiosity will drive them to your restaurants. Encourage diners to tweet a favorite dish from your menu.

You can curate the specific content that you want to display. A social media hub will let you manage multiple social media outlets. Users will see what others have to say about your restaurant.

Maybe run a hashtag contest to make things more interesting. Check out some unique twitter contest ideas here. Some interesting things to tweet about includes -

  • Ambiance reviews
  • Quality of food
  • Customer service
  • Best dishes

2. Sharing Recipes & Ingredients


(Credit: Click Here)

Another way to engage with users is to share recipes. Setup a blog to consistently share famous recipes. Even create how-to videos. A step further allow users to send over their recipes. Feature them in your blog.

Encourage cooks to share the ingredients. Let out a secret recipe and see how users react. Food lovers yearn to try out new things.

Experiment new dishes and post photos. Visual images attract foodies. They would want to try that new delicacy.

3. Reviews


(Credit: Click Here)

Sharing legit reviews online helps build trust. Patrons are interested in the buzz. They would want to check out true feedback. Displaying that in your social media hub lets you gain their trust.

Providing users the capability to write reviews helps you improve. Future users will appreciate your honesty.

Customers will feel connected when they eat at your restaurant. Such reviews can help you drive tremendous business.

4. Deals & Coupons


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A social media hub can be used to display deals and coupons. Users can redeem those for a special discount. Or even a free meal if they participate in a contest.

Run a coupon and showcase it on the hub. This will help to attract more customers. Encourage diners to use the coupon and tweet about it. That will in turn help you generate more content.

Social media is being used like never before. Restaurants are realizing the full potential. A social media hub can amplify that for you. Increasing user engagement, driving traffic and business are few advantages. There are ample other opportunities to use a social media hub. Have any other ideas? We would love to hear back. Share with us below.

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