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Social Media FundRaising Ideas for Educational Institutions

social media fundraising ideas

Educational institutions implementing social media fundraising ideas has taken a new dimension because majority of people are spending their time on these platforms to create, share and exchange information instantly. As a result, many schools are leveraging the power of these portals to enhance their social media fundraising efforts. Strategies used for fund raising include: using image based campaigns, crowd funding and recruiting alumni as major ambassadors of the projects. The model of fund raising is very successful especially when learning institutions use Facebook, Twitter and all other websites that aggregate social media. However, this is not a fool proof solution for getting instant funds from donors. There is more to be done if an organization wants to succeed in those campaigns and this is what forms the basis of this article.

Social Media Fundraising Ideas

Establish relationship with your donors first

Social media for education is a valuable tool for all learning institution’s needs. However, don’t expect it to work miraculously and raise money with no efforts. An institution, needs to establish a good relationship with potential donors first. Otherwise, social media fundraising campaigns will face a major challenge. For instance, if you just walk in the streets today and ask people to give you money to do a project for a school, there is a very high chance of getting rejected. But the same strategy can work if you know the people first. The same principle applies to social media as well. Don’t expect dollars to come rolling on your bank because you are posting fundraising requests on social media, you need to have a relationship with your potential donors first.

A very reliable way of building trust on social media and turning your visitors to donors is sharing three types of contents in different proportions. First, a school must share forty percent of their own content when creating posts on social media. The same percentage must be used when sharing information from third parties – this is why you see most institutions sharing quotes and other education materials from external sources. And finally, an institution can share the rest twenty percent to talk about their fundraising projects. The latter must be accompanied by a call to action e.g. “Click here to donate a gift of $25 to our July school Project”.  A marketing dose of twenty percentage has a little chance of nagging the donors.

Don’t do direct fundraising

One thing that makes university social media fundraising successful is avoiding direct requests for donation. For instance, you will see different learning organizations listing how a small amount of money can be very useful to their organization but they are not asking it in a direct manner. For instance, a campaign text like, “A gift of $250 will support a student for 6 months” can attract more donors when compared to direct campaigns like “Donate $250 for our school today.” In fact, your university must use the right voice/language when trying to connect to the outside world through social media and eventually, dollars will start flowing. The secret is minimizing your approach and putting it in a way that the school is the one assisting people instead of getting assisted.

Make your approach simple

Don’t make it hard or complex for people who want to donate. A donor may not have enough time to read your long texts. They simply need to click a link and then they can be directed to a page where they can make the donations. The social media fundraising committee must create an attractive landing page capable of processing credit cards because this is the most preferred form of payment. An organization must know what it needs and the same must be communicated to donors. So, keeping your donation texts simple is a big advantage. You can even match gifts with every donation that you receive.

Create a successive strategy

You must be determined to come up with a successive strategy on how to get to the climax of the campaign. You already know that you need to promote your social media fundraising project once in every five message that you post on social media (20% of the time). Then, you also need to determine how long the project will run e.g. 1 week, 3months e.t.c. The right social media platform must be chosen as well depending on what people prefer in the schools locality. For instance, in some countries, FaceBook is more common than Twitter. YouTube could be another option as well. There are lots of schools that have achieved huge results there.

Go viral

Last but not least, aim for a viral campaign. Don’t overdo it but you must push enough messages to engage more followers. Remember, you need to do this across the different social sites that the fundraising committee chooses. Finally, your camping is off the ground and the relationships you created above will take it to new heights. You even need to leverage all social media features like hash tags, groups and channels. Eventually, your Social media fundraising campaign will be successive. Remember to thank everyone after the campaign is over and congratulate them for helping the school to raise a certain sum of money.

So what are your thoughts on this topic? How would you go about executing social media fundraising campaigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.