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Check Out Newly Launched ContentPlum Features

contentplum features

We have been burning the midnight oil at ContentPlum to grow and scale up. Some of our efforts have been directed in procuring new customers. We did a major overhaul on our marketing strategies too. Simultaneously, we have been digesting our existing users’ feedback. And that led us to release some new ContentPlum features for our products. Let’s straight away deep dive into them.

Newly Launched ContentPlum Features

The launch of these new ContentPlum features provides users to -

  • Measure ROI on their social media marketing efforts.
  • Increase user engagement and social reach.
  • And provide a unique look and feel experience through their widgets.

User Analytics

This powerful feature now provides insights about your user engagement. Find out which content is being shared most. Or which is the most clicked content. Analyze the complete matrix to look at monthly impressions, clicks and views. Determine your social media ROI and form a strategy around it.

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Social CTA (Call-to-action) Buttons

The top of your widget now displays an easy to use Twitter Follow and Facebook Like buttons. Take advantage of these social CTA buttons to allow users to quickly follow your brand. This helps your brand to increase social reach. Users are more likely to like or follow live content.

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Metro Tile Theme (Auto Updates)

This classic new theme allows you to display content with an auto update feature. It’s randomized order of rotating tiles is bound to capture user’s attention. Provides users a unique look and feel. Attract more customers to use your widget for social content.

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Customizable Background Colors

Widget’s background colors are now changeable. Pick and choose the color of your choice. Impress the users by using colors that match your website’s colors.

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As you play around with these new ContentPlum features, feel free to voice your opinion. Let us hear your thoughts. Have a new feature that you would like us to launch? A new idea? Just pen it down in the comments section below.

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