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Top 4 Event Management Instagram Ideas

event management instagram ideas

Event management industry requires creativity. Clients are always demanding for something new. And within its challenges lies the social media marketing pie. Instagram plays a significant role in it. Event management instagram ideas make things interesting. It allows event managers to wow their clients. Uniquely and with a cutting edge.

Businesses thrive on providing a content driven experience. Social media visualization tactics are being deployed. With the onset of smart devices Instagram has become a blessing. For events, it has the power to deliver visually appeasing social content. Live in real time. And that opens up tremendous possibilities for user engagement.

So let’s explore some of the event management instagram ideas. Let’s deep dive and find out how Instagram can help you transition to the next level.

Top 4 Event Management Instagram Ideas

Instagram helps users visualize. It’s an online social networking site. It allows users to share photos and videos. And it has plenty of functionality to use.

1. Live Sharing

For events, one can share photos of pre-event, during the event and post-event. Draw attention by posting pre-event photos. Use a unique hashtag to tag your event on Instagram.

Inspire users to post photos in real time. Attendees can use the hashtag to post live images of the event. And finally wrap it up with a post-event follow up. Provide a streamlined image gallery. Extend gratitude and connect with the followers. Publish that on your Instagram feed.

2. Create Social Buzz

Instagram’s hashtag functionality is a powerful tool. Events need a buzz around it. One of the key event management instagram ideas is using the hashtag functionality.

As an event manager you can reach targeted audience. Think of a unique hashtag to direct your content to a specific audience. Users can discover your event through this hashtag. They can also search for specific content. Quickly and effectively. Instagram will also return matched items relevant to your hashtag. All of this helps create a social buzz around your event.

3. Increase User Engagement

Social content is stale without human interactions. Sharing photos and using hashtags enables you to increase user engagement.

Connect with event attendees in real time. Respond to social conversations on Instagram relevant to your event. And remember to use the hashtag created for your event. This would bring real social conversations to life.  These event marketing efforts would reap great benefits.

4. Captioning

A photo speaks for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words. A cliche. But yet, Instagram does offer you the ability to caption an image.

Image titles or captions should be kept short. No need for a long string of text. Deliver a punch line with an image. But keep it at a minimal level. Long boring sentences causes too much of a distraction. User attention spans are limited.

Events make or break businesses. A well-planned event attracts users and maintains their trust. Social branding and gaining a reputation is of utmost importance for event managers. The above event management instagram ideas helps achieve just that. A great audience and an excellent speaker might be mandatory. But then the social media efforts are imperative too.

What are some of the unique event management instagram ideas you could think of? We would love to hear and learn. Share them in the comments section below. You can also read about various other creative Instagram ideas for business here.

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10 Creative Instagram Ideas For Business

instagram ideas

Social media networks have changed the dynamics of doing business. Platforms like Instagram are redefining business strategies. Marketing is no longer single dimensional. Using various Instagram ideas for business one can add a visual touch. It helps bridging the gap with your customers. It helps to reach out – socially, artistically & creatively. So what are these creative instagram ideas for business? Let’s find out!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online mobile photo and video sharing app. Its free, easy to use and available on all major mobile platforms. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has now reached a 80 million user base.

Some of the key Instagram ideas and features are -

  • Custom design filters
  • Hashtag funtionalities
  • Instant social sharing
  • Ability to explore around a user

… and much more. So how can we use this innovative app for business?

10 Creative Instagram Ideas For Business

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers unique perspective. And importantly a sharp creative edge versus your competition. Mobile user subscriptions have exponentially grown over the past years. Smartphones and tablets have given users seamless net connectivity right in their palms. Our Instagram ideas for business benefits from this perspective. Bad news? None. Good news? Plenty to make you implement some cool Instagram ideas for business. How? Lights, Camera and Action! Let’s roll.

1. Flaunt Your Products

People like to shop with convenience. And, they want to walk and talk the ongoing trend. So flaunt what you have to offer. Setup an online showroom. An array of products for users to browse through. Offer new product launch giveaways. Introduce unique products creatively.

  • Service providers can display various tools and equipment
  • Restaurants can show off their best dishes and ambiance
  • Bars can be creative to post recipes with snapshots of their famous cocktails
  • Manufacturers can display a range of products or upcoming releases
  • Use some particular Instagram ideas to setup a marketing campaign

2. Show The Works

Users are intrigued to know how a certain product took form. How cool would it be if you get to see how smartphones are manufactured? People want to know what’s going on in the background. So exploit that curiosity.

  • Breweries and wineries can post collages of their production processes
  • Artists can post short snippets of real time behind-the-scenes atmosphere
  • Professionals can even share photos of doodles from their work space

3. User Generated Feedback

Maybe you are stuck with a concept in your mind. Why not share a photo of the prototype and invite feedback? You are already connecting with a potential customer even before your product is launched. And you are giving them a sense of importance. Invite users to post photos of what they think should your product be. Who knows you might come across a potential ground breaking idea!

4. Share Your Workspace

Users would be amazed when you post photos of your personal work space. Wouldn’t you be interested to know how things look inside Instagram offices? You can create a photo series of various places at your work space.

5. Introduce The Team

Sharing profiles of people on your team oozes a personal touch. Users feel connected to know the brains behind the scenes. For someone interested to work for you this is a golden opportunity. Invite prospective employees to the campus and show them around. Have them post photos on Instagram and spread the word.

6. Video Clips

Invite users to submit clips about them using your products. Then use those for social media marketing. You can even create a social media hub and connect a live Instagram feed. Content Plum‘s social media hub also helps you curate this content. Further, it allows you to interact with users in real time.

7. Hashtag Contests

Running a hashtag contest is the best route to user generated content. Setup a cool hashtag that related to your product or service. Have users use that hashtag to tag photos and post them. Decide the winner through a vote or a poll. Give away prizes. Take photos. Re-post them on Instagram.

8. Trending Photos

Try to find out recent trends. Take and post photos that justify an ongoing event. Interact with other Instagram users to invoke a conversation. Get creative. And do not forget to brand your photos with a logo or your Instagram handle.

9. Crowd-sourcing

Using hashtags or specific topics you can create crowd sourced knowledge base. Start building social trust by following SMEs. Be genuine in posting relevant content. Join different subject groups. Go on a tour with some of the Instagram users to spread the word. Maybe even share some of the Instagram ideas.

10. Random Images

And finally, just post anything and everything. Get artistic. Post city images. Local park images. Cute dogs. Interesting architecture. Delicious cuisines. Music events. Sky is the limit, literally!

The social media landscape for business has changed. So why not you? How about trying the above Instagram ideas for your business? Let us know how it goes. If you have other creative ideas feel free to share below!

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