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3 Google Apps To Start Using Immediately

google apps

Google apps are not oblivious. They have existed for a long time. It’s power has long before been unleashed. Google offers a complete suite of apps to pick and choose. For individuals, small business owners or medium enterprises, it has got it all. With tremendous potential google apps can deliver. And it can deliver strongly. Let’s take a look.

Let’s rewind a couple of months back. Our startup, Content Plum, had just taken shape. The idea was awesome. Passion was abundant. Business was just about to begin. And then we paused for a second. The question at hand – how do we manage it? Emails, aliases, schedulers, calendar, marketing, databases, sharing resources. You name it.

It was a nightmare to begin with. All sorts of material scattered around. We desperately needed something to get organized. And then we thought about Google apps. We looked upon it’s product offerings. And voila! It had all that we wanted.

5 Google Apps To Start Using Immediately

To begin we are going to look into the apps we are using. These are our recommendations. These are what made our life easier. We might want to explore beyond them. And we intend to in an upcoming blog post. So stay tuned.

1. Gmail

gmail apps

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Emails are the core of your business. Day in, day out. But you want a professional email ID. Something which reflects your domain name. Your brand. Example, abcd1234@gmail.com is not professional enough.

Google apps through Gmail lets you do just that. Setup your company email through it. Example, ravish@contentplum.com looks much better than abcd1234@gmail.com

For smaller teams one need not buy as many email addresses. Multiple aliases can be created using one Gmail address. Plus you get the regular email organizing features too.

2. Google Drive

google apps

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A very powerful entity from Google is the Google Drive. Consider it your central repository. It has version tracking. Activity tracking. Live edits. Multi user edits. And we have just begun scratching the surface here.

It’s a central portal with the ability to create and share content. Provides complete flexibility. Keeps things organized for everyone on the team. Native entities like docs, spreadsheets and slides are popular. You can even edit screenshots within the app to create images.

3. Chrome

google apps

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Chrome as a browser has tremendous capabilities. Code debugging, inspecting design elements and much more. All with a simple to use functionality. Incognito mode is a cool feature too. It helps you open websites without clearing your cache.

Apps like Mozbar for SEO, Chromecast are gems. Mozbar helps you learn about page authority. Gives you keyword insights. Chromecast helps you get rid of your wired devices. Just use a USB connection to to project through your browser.


There are a few other google apps which requires a mention. We are exploring Rapportive, Yesware and Toutapp. And we intend to write back on them soon. If you want some other cool apps to feature here tell us about them. We would like to try them out.

What next? Start using these if you haven’t already. Immediately. Unleash the power of what google apps has to offer. You will be amazed. We plan to discover more apps as we develop¬†Content Plum. And we would write back about those as well. If you have already used an interesting google app share it with us below.

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