Digital Publishing Brought To Life Using Social Media

digital publishing

Digital publishing has never been so powerful before. Online news and media have gone through a massive transformation. Social media has driven digital publishing to new realms. Publishers have adapted to this change. Geographic boundaries no longer matter when it comes to online media.

Earlier we wrote about the advantages of a social media hub. Today we build upon them specifically for the digital publishers. Online media is built upon a solid foundation. It’s success depends on how much viral the content becomes. And to make it possible one needs to inject life into their published content. Digital publishing has the power to reach millions around the globe. And also bring them closer.

Digital Publishing Brought To Life Using Social Media

An effective way of attracting readers is to publish good content. That’s mandatory. No one likes to read without a purpose. But then, stale content is also harmful. So why not bring your digital content to life? How? Read along.

1. Real-time Social Experience

digital publishingUsers are more attracted to real time experiences. Would you not be interested to catch up on an event as it happens?

A social media hub can deliver exactly that. Bring news, events and all the action to life, in real time. Share it with your followers. Increase user engagement.

2. Pushing Relevant Content

Attention spans are diminishing. Relevancy is getting more important. Users find it extremely useful to having being suggested relevant content. With a social media hub you can recommend content. It’s like pushing the injury news to a fantasy football fan if he is reading about top waiver picks.

3. Story Time

News reporting happens in real time. But it’s single dimensional. Capturing snippets from around the world for the same event makes it interesting. A user would find it much more valuable. He no longer has to jump from site to site. Different stories about the same news piece is now available.

4. Segmentation and Categorization

A sports fan would care less about what’s happening in politics. An engineer would love to read tech stuff rather than figure out what to cook.¬†Diversification makes things even more interesting. As a publisher you can segment out these areas of interest. And then categorize them into separate widgets. These dedicated social media hubs delivers targeted content.

5. Get Connected

digital publishingAllowing online users to chat, post messages and interact in real time is magic. Imagine posting a video and opening up the forum for discussion. Users share their opinions and reviews. And they can now connect with other like minded people.

Increases brand awareness and social reach. And importantly builds social trust for your digital content.

Digital publishing has never been so much fun. Integrate a social media hub to realize the full potential. Create a widget and start reaping the benefits of it. Drop in your comments and let us know what do you think of a social media hub?