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Internal office communication – 8 essential strategies

internal office communication

Internal office communication is a key to increasing business growth. Nowadays, the vast of the organizations tend to forget that it’s the internal audience – the employees – who are the most valuable asset in the business. That’s why it is important they communicate and collaborate freely among each other and share news, good or bad. The digital revolution brought about the rise of social media tools. They opened many doors for organizations to develop and apply effective strategies, and get the best of the communication course. To put it simply, the key element in every successful internal communication strategy is, to give the employees a voice. Now, with the many benefits of modern technology companies are ready and willing to give that voice in various creative ways to enhance employee engagement in the company’s mission.

The benefits of developing and applying a strong internal office communication strategy -

  • Employees will start seeing things on a larger scale. They will gain a good understanding of their place in the organization.  Once they feel valued, they will become more committed to the job.
  • Good internal communication will add meaning to the team work. As a result, they will be eager to contribute more to the organization.
  • Communication is not only about establishing a leadership anymore. It is about applying the right strategy to motivate, inspire and engage employees. Understanding the needs of the staff defines effective leadership.
  • Through effective internal communication organizations achieve trust and credibility. As a result, they attract more competent, committed and loyal workforce.
  • Organizations who manage to achieve better internal communication still remain a rare breed these days.
  • Through effective communication strategies, organizations enable employees to do their jobs better. They create a productive work environment that instills a mutual sense of purpose and inspires growth. 

8 Essential Strategies for Internal Office Communication

Bring in a company chat software

Thankfully, the growing interest in internal office communication leads to the invention of a number of such software programs that make the process simple and hassle-free. Let simplicity be the guiding principle behind every practice you use. Regardless of the size of the group you refer to, simplicity always remains crucial for the successful outcome. Open source applications for team chat can do much good in a collaborative environment. Pick those tools that work best depending on the size of your team and company mission. Among the best internal office communication software programs are  IRC, Let’s Chat, Mattermost, Rocketchat,  HipChat, Jabber/XMPP, Slack, Yammer, etc.

Take advantage of cloud technology

Cloud technology such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive will serve your team of employees really good. Introduce one online platform for email communication and document exchange. This is the perfect way to store important files and data in a safe place and prevent further problems due to system failure, computer problems or hacker attacks.

Work can be fun

Work doesn’t have to be all serious anymore. It can be entertaining as well. It’s healthy for the team to have some fun from time to time. Craft hilarious posts on social media, post photos from team building events. You’ll be surprised how much this empowers the overall motivation and the sense of being part of a special community.  The vast majority of the milennials truly believe that working and having fun must come together.

Open door policy

This policy should go beyond the physical border. It’s vital that the staff members, in a case of need, must be able to get in touch with managers of all levels in a painless way. Lines of communication must remain open all the time. Also, the team members mustn’t be afraid to talk to someone from the upper management. That’s the best way to keep the company healthy from inside. “Open floor” type of managers usually sit down with staff and listen to what they have to say. Such meetings don’t necessarily take place at the office. They can happen in a cafeteria nearby or someplace else where the employee is comfortable.

Building trust through transparency

Transparency has a crucial part in internal office communication. In fact, this is the key element to building credibility and trust. It also sets the scene to an open dialogue. If you keep your team in the dark and they sense it quite well, they won’t be willing to share ideas, suggest solutions or feel engaged in the company’s prosperity at all. Those are the signs telling the internal communication is broken. You can fix it through applying the transparency approach. In reality, the team can’t have full access to information of all kinds but, in the name of harmonious and honest relations, it is recommendable to shed some light on the matters of their concern.

Don’t underestimate the power of visual content

Visual internal office communication software brings many benefits. This is a good way to announce new meetings, company events, vacant positions and newcomers as well as inform the staff about niche-related news, upcoming events, seminars, rising trends, etc. Digital display software, like ContentPlum, is a great way to serve inspiration to your team of professionals and boost their motivation. Visual content is the best channel to illustrate goals and remind of former accomplishments for motivational purposes.

Social media keeps the team informed on market trends and news

It’s essential that team members are aware of what is happening in the market niche. You never know what piece of information may inspire a breakthrough idea or valuable solution to an ongoing issue. Encourage the team to share news and discuss market trends and famous strategies with each other. This is an excellent technique to make your team feel special contributing to the company good.

The golden mean in using social media

Still, many companies block the access to internal office communication software purely from a productivity perspective. That’s old-fashioned now. Have more faith in your employees. They sure have in mind not to cross the line between “personal and business”. Instead of taking away the pleasure of social media, let them have it, but be sure to set some rules first. This is a great way to gain credibility and respect because today’s employees are more engaged in social media than ever. Look for the desirable middle between two extremes. Allow them to read and share industry-related content – news, articles, charts, infographics, tweets, interviews with experts in the industry, etc. It will make them happy, and keep their focus clear and on the work.

The role of internal communication in today’s world

Needless to say, successful internal office communication does not come down to automatically produce informative messages saying what people want to hear. Communication means understanding the listener’s needs and desires. You can do that simply by listening to what he says and refers to. How he feels about culture, moral values, goals, ideas; in what way he relates to the world. There are so many factors that might influence the company’s approach –geography, demographics, company objectives, culture, brand, etc. Whereas some companies can afford to apply a large array of social tools and strategies, others achieve just enough success by using one or two, for example a Facebook group or a simple blog where every employee is free to express their thoughts.


Internal office communication sends the right message across. Through applying the right strategies, in the end, employees gain vital awareness of the company’s mission and their role in the whole process. The effective internal communication informs, inspires, motivates and engages employees to work hard as a team and help the organization move forward and succeed.

Social Media FundRaising Ideas for Educational Institutions

social media fundraising ideas

Educational institutions implementing social media fundraising ideas has taken a new dimension because majority of people are spending their time on these platforms to create, share and exchange information instantly. As a result, many schools are leveraging the power of these portals to enhance their social media fundraising efforts. Strategies used for fund raising include: using image based campaigns, crowd funding and recruiting alumni as major ambassadors of the projects. The model of fund raising is very successful especially when learning institutions use Facebook, Twitter and all other websites that aggregate social media. However, this is not a fool proof solution for getting instant funds from donors. There is more to be done if an organization wants to succeed in those campaigns and this is what forms the basis of this article.

Social Media Fundraising Ideas

Establish relationship with your donors first

Social media for education is a valuable tool for all learning institution’s needs. However, don’t expect it to work miraculously and raise money with no efforts. An institution, needs to establish a good relationship with potential donors first. Otherwise, social media fundraising campaigns will face a major challenge. For instance, if you just walk in the streets today and ask people to give you money to do a project for a school, there is a very high chance of getting rejected. But the same strategy can work if you know the people first. The same principle applies to social media as well. Don’t expect dollars to come rolling on your bank because you are posting fundraising requests on social media, you need to have a relationship with your potential donors first.

A very reliable way of building trust on social media and turning your visitors to donors is sharing three types of contents in different proportions. First, a school must share forty percent of their own content when creating posts on social media. The same percentage must be used when sharing information from third parties – this is why you see most institutions sharing quotes and other education materials from external sources. And finally, an institution can share the rest twenty percent to talk about their fundraising projects. The latter must be accompanied by a call to action e.g. “Click here to donate a gift of $25 to our July school Project”.  A marketing dose of twenty percentage has a little chance of nagging the donors.

Don’t do direct fundraising

One thing that makes university social media fundraising successful is avoiding direct requests for donation. For instance, you will see different learning organizations listing how a small amount of money can be very useful to their organization but they are not asking it in a direct manner. For instance, a campaign text like, “A gift of $250 will support a student for 6 months” can attract more donors when compared to direct campaigns like “Donate $250 for our school today.” In fact, your university must use the right voice/language when trying to connect to the outside world through social media and eventually, dollars will start flowing. The secret is minimizing your approach and putting it in a way that the school is the one assisting people instead of getting assisted.

Make your approach simple

Don’t make it hard or complex for people who want to donate. A donor may not have enough time to read your long texts. They simply need to click a link and then they can be directed to a page where they can make the donations. The social media fundraising committee must create an attractive landing page capable of processing credit cards because this is the most preferred form of payment. An organization must know what it needs and the same must be communicated to donors. So, keeping your donation texts simple is a big advantage. You can even match gifts with every donation that you receive.

Create a successive strategy

You must be determined to come up with a successive strategy on how to get to the climax of the campaign. You already know that you need to promote your social media fundraising project once in every five message that you post on social media (20% of the time). Then, you also need to determine how long the project will run e.g. 1 week, 3months e.t.c. The right social media platform must be chosen as well depending on what people prefer in the schools locality. For instance, in some countries, FaceBook is more common than Twitter. YouTube could be another option as well. There are lots of schools that have achieved huge results there.

Go viral

Last but not least, aim for a viral campaign. Don’t overdo it but you must push enough messages to engage more followers. Remember, you need to do this across the different social sites that the fundraising committee chooses. Finally, your camping is off the ground and the relationships you created above will take it to new heights. You even need to leverage all social media features like hash tags, groups and channels. Eventually, your Social media fundraising campaign will be successive. Remember to thank everyone after the campaign is over and congratulate them for helping the school to raise a certain sum of money.

So what are your thoughts on this topic? How would you go about executing social media fundraising campaigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Best Social Media Widget To Boost Social Engagement

best social media widget

Did you follow the #TheDress viral effect lately? Yet another classic social media example. Answers the whys and hows of social media power. But we are not talking about that today. We shall get to it some other fine day. We want to enlighten you on the best social media widget for your business.

Today’s blog post is just a simple know-how. An article about how ContentPlum product is vital. For social media marketing. For user engagement. For capturing live social conversations. And for a unique social media experience. The post draws a picture of the best social media widget. And why you should take advantage of it.

Earlier we blogged about how social media hubs are powering social engagement. We also touched upon various industries as well. Restaurants, events, eCommerce. And we talked about platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Today, we talk at length about our product. How it helps all of the above. We discuss the ins and outs.  And much more. We deep dive into the best social media widget.

Best Social Media Widget To Boost Social Engagement

Social engagement is a vital aspect. For any marketing strategy. For a social marketer. For a social media campaign. Whatever be the industry. Marketers are interested in user engagement levels. Let’s walk through a couple of examples. These are broad strokes. It encapsulates how ContentPlum can increase social engagement. And how it can happen through the best social media widget.


Users can be engaged on the website. And at the physical location. A perfect setting for the social marketer. And the restaurant owner. The ability to influence diners is amazing. Sharing customer reviews helps the cause. And building social proof is lucrative in the long run.

Diners can post social photos. About the food they love (or don’t). Talk about the ambiance. Discount offers. And above all indulge in a very unique dining experience. Sounds interesting? Find out more on this here. Restaurateurs should take advantage of this best social media widget. Period.


As an employer its important to make your employees feel connected. A work spaces need not necessarily be boring. ContentPlum product enables organizations to establish a lively environment. It allows employees to share and connect socially. Locally as well as globally. You can find our more information here.

Sharing customer insights. Photos from company wide events. Important announcements and news. The best social media widget brings employees from different countries together. Closer and connected.


An industry that thrives solely on user experience. Hoteliers are constantly putting in efforts to improve this experience. Their USP relies entirely on the guests enjoying their stay. ContentPlum product allows to fully exploit this notion. And build a brand, increase profits and attract more guests.

Social media allows guests to share their experience. Customers are inspired to share their wow moments. And displaying these live social conversations increases the reach. Locally. Globally. People far and near can now get real time access. Into your hotel’s ambiance, services and attractive features.

Social Media Marketing / Digital Media Agencies

Agencies execute various marketing strategies. Businesses rely on digital media agencies to help them with social media. Read how our product can provide the extra edge. To the agencies. And to the clients.

With ability to do A/B testing our product helps agencies evaluate before taking the leap. The product can then be fine tuned to meet client expectations. Brand building and social proof can be easily acquired. Social interactions get a boost as well. For an agency it’s a no-brainer to enhance their product portfolio. For businesses it’s a win-win since the agency has already tested out our product.

ContentPlum is strategically placed to provide the edge to various industries. As seen, our product is easily scaled. Easy to adapt. And applicable across various niches. A social wall works wonders. Check out a few demo links to get the real taste. Let us know what do you think of our concept. Get in touch with us if you would like to revamp your social media outlook.

User Generated Content – 4 Benefits for Live Events

user generated content

Techtarget defines user generated content as, “the words and photos which unpaid contributors create and provide to publications, especially web properties”. User generated content has good ROI benefits. But it is important to understand this definition. This defines a good marketing strategy.

It’s a way of leveraging user engagement. And to steer clear from static social media efforts. This works particularly well at events using a social wall. Think along the lines of real time tweeting. Any event then transforms into a live “interaction”. Between the brand, the attendees & the social media participants.

ContentPlum offers a variety of products. To inspire such interactive engagement. It works for live events & web marketing. Such engagement-inspired tactics are highly beneficial for your ROI campaigns. So what are the user generated content advantages?

4 User Generated Content Benefits For Live Events

(1) Cost Effective Social Wall

User generated content relies on a simple fact. It is information shared by “unpaid” individuals. They are not influenced to generate such content. In other words – it’s a natural, organic promotion. Guests at your event can use a specific hashtag to create such content. In a way this helps them create an experience. Your event is then searched, mentioned and promoted. All by using this simple hashtag. And there will be live real time interactions.

As a company you will only need to make use of a program. Something that allows you to curate this content. And display it at your event using monitors, tablets, screens and even jumbotrons. ContentPlum offers this Social Wall service where you can choose the relevant hashtags and search terms along with a variety of display options.

(2) Simplified ROI Tracking

Live social walls in events can also help analyze the performance by the numbers. These analytics gives you an indication of the campaign success. This could be -

  • Number of new followers
  • Number of tweets
  • Count of Retweets
  • New posts

and much more.

This will also give you the chance to analyze your average ‘fan’. And determine their online habits. Social walls gives you insights into user expectations. These analysis are a coveted asset. It goes a long way in helping you plan your next social media strategy.

(3) Inspire User Engagement

Social walls inspire engagement. And that is one of the most profound benefits. That, in turn helps your marketing campaign to increase brand awareness. User generated content creates an online conversation. And it makes your event go viral. User engagement leads to more interaction with your brand. This increase your chances of conversions & sales.

Social wall engagement is different from traditional advertising strategies. This is more time relevant. Traditional ads and updates are static. It requires users to interact with updates after-the-fact. Whereas with a social wall, it happens on-the-go. In real time.

(4) Better and Effective SEO

Amy Hayes explains the importance of user generated content & its influence on SEO in a post on Huffington Post.

“Search engines love fresh content. In fact, ‘freshness of content’ is one of Google’s five factors in algorithm updates, helping to explain why SEO experts preach the importance of new, relevant site material on a regular basis”.

What is more relevant & fresh than a social wall at your event? Take a step further. You can publish a collection of your favorite social content too. This could be a blog post. And that will bridge the connection. Online and offline. To improve your ROI, you need good SEO.

As seen, social wall is an important part of your strategy. And user generated content powers it. A combination of this is crucial to your profitability. And ContentPlum products will help you achieve that. What do you think about social walls? Share your thoughts below and inspire us all.

(Guest Blog Author: Anneke Steenkamp) (Edited By: Samkit Shah)

Measuring ROI For ContentPlum Blog Efforts

measuring ROI

This is the first post of a series of “lessons learned” type blog posts. A business venture offers a great learning curve. Good and bad. It’s always productive to reflect back on your efforts. And if possible try to convert that into information. This would be a valuable source of knowledge. Measuring ROI for your efforts is imperative.

We started working actively on the ContentPlum blog in August. The idea was plain and simple. Gain traction. Publish knowledge matter. Be the guiding light to our customers. Give them a source of information to learn about social media. Connect. Reach out. Build a brand.

Today we focus on some of the plugins we installed on our blog. And give an insight into the progress due to the same.

Measuring ROI For ContentPlum Blog

1. SEO by Yoast

SEO by Yoast is an easy to use SEO plugin. It provides a very intuitive interface right below your blog post. You can make in-screen edits to your content and the plugin would provide recommendations. We have seen lot of improvements on our blog’s traffic using this plugin.

measuring roi

measuring ROI

2. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is your complete solution for social media sharing. It provides an easy way for your readers to share content. Helps build social reach. It also offers different customization options to match your site’s style.

measuring ROI

3. Google Link Shortener

Another important plugin to use is Google’s URL shortener. You can track each individual blog post analytics using this. As seen it provides insights into the performance of your each blog post.

measuring ROI

measuring ROI

4. Disqus Commenting System

Disqus is a commenting utility which is adapted across multiple platforms. There is no requirement to create multiple avatars to comment. The comments are nicely organized in threads for ease of reference.

5. Mailchimp

WordPress helps capture email addresses which gets populated into Mailchimp. This allows readers to subscribe and receive blog content through emails. It’s good for newsletters. Equally important for building social reach.

6. Tag Cloud

Last but not the least is the Tag Cloud plugin. It helps display the most popular content of your blog based on it’s tagging. It helps push targeted content to the readers.

measuring ROI

As a blogger you need to know your content analysis. Below is a snapshot of the traffic on our blog. It’s trending upwards since we started using this plugins.

measuring ROI

measuring ROI

WordPress offers ton of plugins one can potentially make use of. So far we found the above to be very useful. Measuring ROI is important for us. It helps us gain insights into what strategies needs to be put in place. Any cool plugins that you can recommend? We would love to hear and use them on our blog. Share with us in the comments section below.

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