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Promote an event successfully using user generated content

promote an event

To promote an event successfully using user generated content calls for diligent efforts. Due to the continual rise of social media and Google’s changing algorithmic programs, quality content plays a significant role for every company aiming to establish a long-lasting web presence. Undisputed, unique and meaning-focused content requires time and hard work. Plus, it can be expensive, especially when you are outsourcing it.

Thankfully, there are cost-effective ways that lay on user-generated content principles to help companies promote an exceptional content the entertaining way. It is called event promotion via social media. From giveaways to contests, there is a wide array of topics an event can cover. To reap the rewards as soon as possible, you have to design and run that event carefully. One of the keys to a successful event promotion is to be persuasive enough to engage as more participants as possible to your event. Sometimes this can be a real challenge. Here are some guidelines on how to promote an event and gain free content to your website.

By and large, the most popular social networking sites today remain as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare

To promote an event, ContentPlum’s focus stays on these networking sites. They are open channels for communication with people worldwide who are interested in the particular niche. This is a huge benefit and everyone has to use it, by all means.

Tips to Promote an Event successfully using User Generate Content

Integrate all social media profiles

Each of your social media channels can contribute a lot for promoting an event in a unique way. The key is to make goals and plan ahead. The goals for your event can vary. Nonetheless, it is better when you have data that measure in actual numbers. Thus, you’d valuate the results clearly.

What kind of data to take into account?

  • new email subscribers
  • new Facebook page likes
  • Retweets
  • shared links
  • number of unique visitors
  • sales 

Define the goals

Let the sales and money-making not be the main goal. The event has to focus on building a strong relationship with the users. Once you have their attention, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand.  You can leverage a lot from establishing a large online presence and growing a fan base.

Create a unified hashtag name that suits your event

As you attempt to promote an event on social media, you have to come up with a proper and meaningful hashtag name. Hashtags are vital when promoting an event, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Take time while developing the hashtag. Don’t go for long hashtags. The shorter is easy to remember. More importantly, your hashtag has to be original and unified. Make a list of suggestions. Then pick the one that sounds best. Upload the promotional materials on your social media profiles and put the hashtag on. Bear in mind, you can keep using the hashtag after the event because, by rule, hashtags are a great way to promote a brand. ContentPlum can do this for you with fulfilling user experience in mind.

Promote event on Facebook

On average, more than 450 million people visit Facebook daily, which makes it a beneficial place when it comes to promote an event. The first step is to create a Facebook page with your brand name on. Don’t rely on your personal Facebook profile. Pages allow users to Like them and follow new updates. Plus, they are significantly more visible. Announce the event’s topic. Use it to tell your brand’s story. It is much easier to spread the word on Facebook and invite as many people to join as you want. In order to engage much interest, pick a catchy and descriptive name for the event. Be sure to use powerful images to leave the users impressed and excited. ContentPlum focuses on the different ways the event would impact the target audience. The main goal is building a community of people who support your cause.

Promote an event on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another awesome social place where you can find supporters who may not be that active on Facebook or Twitter. To promote your event, you can follow the same principles as on Facebook. Your focus should be mainly on the impact. Be concrete and honest as you tell the story of your event. Also, it’s important to choose the industry that suits the event and set the right labels.

Upload Behind-the-scenes photos and videos

In most cases, visual content impacts users better than written. Just remember how much viewers enjoy watching the bloopers at the end of a movie. You can re-create something similar with your event to boost engagement. For this, use Instagram and YouTube.  Share pictures of you and your team during the preparation process. Tell funny stories about mistakes, last-minute changes, what problems you have faced and how you solved them, show images where members of the tam express genuine reactions of joy or surprise. Choose the most influential images and videos. When users feel close to you, they are likely to support your cause or brand. Don’t forget to include hashtags on the photos and videos. If you need examples, make sure to check the Polo on the Beach competition on Instagram #POTB14 accomplished by ContentPlum.

Build a social wall

Real-time social buzz is the best way to enhance user excitement over the event. Let anyone interested join the ongoing conversation feed and leave a comment. Enable the attendees to be part of the buzz as well.  If you don’t have a clear idea, leave ContentPlum to do the heavy lifting for you.   We will use the right tools to monitor the posts and photos being displayed on tablets and television screens. Whatever the event is, wedding, sports game, concert, we will make sure that the most inspiring posts stay on top of the feed and invite more users to share the event virtually.  Needless to say, by creating buzz, you inspire visibility. Naturally, when more participants join your event, it gets popular. There’s success.

Announce the event through your email signature

This is a ridiculously easy thing to do. Just think for a moment how many emails you send every single day. Now think of them as a good opportunity to enhance the awareness of your event. Next time, as you finish writing an email, before you click on the “send” button, make sure to add a hyperlink (perhaps an image or graphic) of the event to your signature.


When it comes to promoting an event, social media along with powerful user generated content combined with a social wall entity like ContentPlum become the most powerful tools. If you want to achieve the desired marketing goals, you can’t afford not using it. Not in the today’s world, where most viral events take place on the Internet.

User Generated Content – 4 Benefits for Live Events

user generated content

Techtarget defines user generated content as, “the words and photos which unpaid contributors create and provide to publications, especially web properties”. User generated content has good ROI benefits. But it is important to understand this definition. This defines a good marketing strategy.

It’s a way of leveraging user engagement. And to steer clear from static social media efforts. This works particularly well at events using a social wall. Think along the lines of real time tweeting. Any event then transforms into a live “interaction”. Between the brand, the attendees & the social media participants.

ContentPlum offers a variety of products. To inspire such interactive engagement. It works for live events & web marketing. Such engagement-inspired tactics are highly beneficial for your ROI campaigns. So what are the user generated content advantages?

4 User Generated Content Benefits For Live Events

(1) Cost Effective Social Wall

User generated content relies on a simple fact. It is information shared by “unpaid” individuals. They are not influenced to generate such content. In other words – it’s a natural, organic promotion. Guests at your event can use a specific hashtag to create such content. In a way this helps them create an experience. Your event is then searched, mentioned and promoted. All by using this simple hashtag. And there will be live real time interactions.

As a company you will only need to make use of a program. Something that allows you to curate this content. And display it at your event using monitors, tablets, screens and even jumbotrons. ContentPlum offers this Social Wall service where you can choose the relevant hashtags and search terms along with a variety of display options.

(2) Simplified ROI Tracking

Live social walls in events can also help analyze the performance by the numbers. These analytics gives you an indication of the campaign success. This could be -

  • Number of new followers
  • Number of tweets
  • Count of Retweets
  • New posts

and much more.

This will also give you the chance to analyze your average ‘fan’. And determine their online habits. Social walls gives you insights into user expectations. These analysis are a coveted asset. It goes a long way in helping you plan your next social media strategy.

(3) Inspire User Engagement

Social walls inspire engagement. And that is one of the most profound benefits. That, in turn helps your marketing campaign to increase brand awareness. User generated content creates an online conversation. And it makes your event go viral. User engagement leads to more interaction with your brand. This increase your chances of conversions & sales.

Social wall engagement is different from traditional advertising strategies. This is more time relevant. Traditional ads and updates are static. It requires users to interact with updates after-the-fact. Whereas with a social wall, it happens on-the-go. In real time.

(4) Better and Effective SEO

Amy Hayes explains the importance of user generated content & its influence on SEO in a post on Huffington Post.

“Search engines love fresh content. In fact, ‘freshness of content’ is one of Google’s five factors in algorithm updates, helping to explain why SEO experts preach the importance of new, relevant site material on a regular basis”.

What is more relevant & fresh than a social wall at your event? Take a step further. You can publish a collection of your favorite social content too. This could be a blog post. And that will bridge the connection. Online and offline. To improve your ROI, you need good SEO.

As seen, social wall is an important part of your strategy. And user generated content powers it. A combination of this is crucial to your profitability. And ContentPlum products will help you achieve that. What do you think about social walls? Share your thoughts below and inspire us all.

(Guest Blog Author: Anneke Steenkamp) (Edited By: Samkit Shah)

Twitter Wall For Running Q&A Sessions During Events

twitter wall

Twitter advantages are aplenty. It is an important peg in the wheel of social media. Live events have seen an uptick in twitter usage lately. With powerful capabilities, a twitter wall can help engage with participants and increase activity during such live events. Today we explore different ideas for creating such a twitter wall. And look into some successful (and not-so-successful) examples.

Live events is all about visual appeal. A twitter wall truly justifies exactly that. Events are already taking advantage of different screens. Monitors, TVs, projectors, jumbo-trons and much more. A well designed twitter wall campaign can reap plenty of benefits. From increased engagement levels to a global social reach.

Ideas For Twitter Wall To Run Q&A Sessions

So how can one get a twitter wall up and running? What goes into the back-end part of it? How to create a twitter wall? How to run a Q&A campaign using a twitter wall? The answer to all these questions lies within twitter’s powerful functionality. Let’s explore a few alongside other social media strategies.

1. Hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for the live event. Promote the use of that hashtag. Educate participants to tweet their questions using this hashtag. You can then use ContentPlum widget to curate and display such activity on a twitter wall.

Using hashtags users can target questions specific to the entire event. Or they can direct questions to a certain speaker. Or a company.

2. Live Display

The key to a successful twitter wall and an awesome Q&A campaign is displaying it live. Motivate participants to post questions by displaying the social conversation live during an ongoing event.

These feeds can also be displayed on event’s website/page. People who cannot attend a live event can still view them. It also helps such users to post questions remotely.

3. Participants

We mentioned participants in both the points above. Who exactly are they? It could be anyone and everyone. Event sponsors can answer questions about their strategies. Booth owners can engage by providing insights about their products. Subject matter experts can respond to live questions about their expertise.

A twitter wall and a Q&A session thus helps increase engagement. Campaigns can be ran before, during and post event.

4. Knowledge Pool

By running such Q&A campaigns, you are creating a pool of knowledge. These questions and their answers can be archived for later reference. Users can always come back to them to seek guidance or refresh their memory.

These are good sources of FAQs. One can continue running such Q&A sessions using hashtags even after the event has ended. It helps increase twitter activity and provides valuable insights.

An example of a Twitter Q&A session -

twitter wall

Few examples of a live Twitter chat session to increase user engagement -

twitter wall

twitter wall

An example of how such a Twitter QnA session can help even after the activity is over - 

twitter wall

Overall, a twitter wall combined with such Q&A sessions has many advantages -

  • An uptick in engagement levels
  • Increased social outreach
  • Ability to attract participants through visual content
  • Motivate users to contribute and explore new ideas
  • Allowing participants to get directly involved giving them a personal touch
  • And much more ….

It allows users to reach out. Provides a social trust quotient for your brand. It delivers content that has specific contest to your followers. Gets them involved and increases engagement. But one needs to be very careful in how they run this campaign.

There are certain cases where the Ask QnA sessions went haywire. For example, NFL ran a campaign called “#AskCommish”. As a result their twitter feeds were filled up with negative comments. JPMorgan also ran a similar campaign called #AskJPM. They faced the wrath of citizens blasting at the overall business of JPMorgan.

So one needs to be very confident in the content they deliver. If a QnA session over twitter is supposed to fail you should be aware of it. If you have been in the middle of some fall-outs running such a campaign might not be a good idea. So what are your thoughts on a Twitter Wall? Share your comments below.

Top 4 Event Management Instagram Ideas

event management instagram ideas

Event management industry requires creativity. Clients are always demanding for something new. And within its challenges lies the social media marketing pie. Instagram plays a significant role in it. Event management instagram ideas make things interesting. It allows event managers to wow their clients. Uniquely and with a cutting edge.

Businesses thrive on providing a content driven experience. Social media visualization tactics are being deployed. With the onset of smart devices Instagram has become a blessing. For events, it has the power to deliver visually appeasing social content. Live in real time. And that opens up tremendous possibilities for user engagement.

So let’s explore some of the event management instagram ideas. Let’s deep dive and find out how Instagram can help you transition to the next level.

Top 4 Event Management Instagram Ideas

Instagram helps users visualize. It’s an online social networking site. It allows users to share photos and videos. And it has plenty of functionality to use.

1. Live Sharing

For events, one can share photos of pre-event, during the event and post-event. Draw attention by posting pre-event photos. Use a unique hashtag to tag your event on Instagram.

Inspire users to post photos in real time. Attendees can use the hashtag to post live images of the event. And finally wrap it up with a post-event follow up. Provide a streamlined image gallery. Extend gratitude and connect with the followers. Publish that on your Instagram feed.

2. Create Social Buzz

Instagram’s hashtag functionality is a powerful tool. Events need a buzz around it. One of the key event management instagram ideas is using the hashtag functionality.

As an event manager you can reach targeted audience. Think of a unique hashtag to direct your content to a specific audience. Users can discover your event through this hashtag. They can also search for specific content. Quickly and effectively. Instagram will also return matched items relevant to your hashtag. All of this helps create a social buzz around your event.

3. Increase User Engagement

Social content is stale without human interactions. Sharing photos and using hashtags enables you to increase user engagement.

Connect with event attendees in real time. Respond to social conversations on Instagram relevant to your event. And remember to use the hashtag created for your event. This would bring real social conversations to life.  These event marketing efforts would reap great benefits.

4. Captioning

A photo speaks for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words. A cliche. But yet, Instagram does offer you the ability to caption an image.

Image titles or captions should be kept short. No need for a long string of text. Deliver a punch line with an image. But keep it at a minimal level. Long boring sentences causes too much of a distraction. User attention spans are limited.

Events make or break businesses. A well-planned event attracts users and maintains their trust. Social branding and gaining a reputation is of utmost importance for event managers. The above event management instagram ideas helps achieve just that. A great audience and an excellent speaker might be mandatory. But then the social media efforts are imperative too.

What are some of the unique event management instagram ideas you could think of? We would love to hear and learn. Share them in the comments section below. You can also read about various other creative Instagram ideas for business here.

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