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Measuring ROI For ContentPlum Blog Efforts

measuring ROI

This is the first post of a series of “lessons learned” type blog posts. A business venture offers a great learning curve. Good and bad. It’s always productive to reflect back on your efforts. And if possible try to convert that into information. This would be a valuable source of knowledge. Measuring ROI for your efforts is imperative.

We started working actively on the ContentPlum blog in August. The idea was plain and simple. Gain traction. Publish knowledge matter. Be the guiding light to our customers. Give them a source of information to learn about social media. Connect. Reach out. Build a brand.

Today we focus on some of the plugins we installed on our blog. And give an insight into the progress due to the same.

Measuring ROI For ContentPlum Blog

1. SEO by Yoast

SEO by Yoast is an easy to use SEO plugin. It provides a very intuitive interface right below your blog post. You can make in-screen edits to your content and the plugin would provide recommendations. We have seen lot of improvements on our blog’s traffic using this plugin.

measuring roi

measuring ROI

2. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is your complete solution for social media sharing. It provides an easy way for your readers to share content. Helps build social reach. It also offers different customization options to match your site’s style.

measuring ROI

3. Google Link Shortener

Another important plugin to use is Google’s URL shortener. You can track each individual blog post analytics using this. As seen it provides insights into the performance of your each blog post.

measuring ROI

measuring ROI

4. Disqus Commenting System

Disqus is a commenting utility which is adapted across multiple platforms. There is no requirement to create multiple avatars to comment. The comments are nicely organized in threads for ease of reference.

5. Mailchimp

WordPress helps capture email addresses which gets populated into Mailchimp. This allows readers to subscribe and receive blog content through emails. It’s good for newsletters. Equally important for building social reach.

6. Tag Cloud

Last but not the least is the Tag Cloud plugin. It helps display the most popular content of your blog based on it’s tagging. It helps push targeted content to the readers.

measuring ROI

As a blogger you need to know your content analysis. Below is a snapshot of the traffic on our blog. It’s trending upwards since we started using this plugins.

measuring ROI

measuring ROI

WordPress offers ton of plugins one can potentially make use of. So far we found the above to be very useful. Measuring ROI is important for us. It helps us gain insights into what strategies needs to be put in place. Any cool plugins that you can recommend? We would love to hear and use them on our blog. Share with us in the comments section below.

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Top 5 Advantages Of Blogging In Business

advatnages of blogging

Blogs have been around for eternity. Businesses who blog have about 97% more inbound links. Companies that blog have more potential to acquire customers. Those who do not might survive but eventually will have to give way. So one must think what are the advantages of blogging in business?

There are endless reasons to blog. Some argue, there are even more, why not to blog. Ultimately, it’s a business decision. Marketing efforts should determine if a blog deems necessary. Today we look at the top 5 advantages of blogging in business.

Top 5 Advantages Of Blogging In Business

For a business, the bottom line is revenue. Customers. Leads. Our scope of this post today covers those aspects.

1. Social Reach

advantages of blogging

A blog is a powerful entity. A medium to communicate. Reach out to your customers. Your followers. A well written blog post helps you engage with your audience. It helps you collect feedback. It allows for exchange of information with transparency.

Social reach is important for small businesses. It provides them momentum to gain social trust. Through a blog a company can build a brand. An image. A blog knows no geographic boundaries. The potential is global, across the world.

2. Subject Matter Expert

advantages of bloggingBlogging in business makes you a subject matter expert. You write about real stuff. Validated content. Something from a genuine experience. You provide opinions. You invite criticism. It helps open up your think tank.

Providing your followers legit content increases your social value. Audience look forward to hearing from you. They understand you as an expert of your niche. And that is very important as an owner of a business. You ought to be knowing what you gotta be doing. And a step further be able to communicate about it.

3. SEO

advantages of bloggingThe most simplest advantages of blogging in business is SEO. Blogs provide you a great way to rank higher in searches. And that in turn helps you increase conversions. More traffic means more chances of sales. More customer engagements.

Ranking higher has become imperative. Users care to see maybe only the first few results. Your company needs to be in those top results. Blogs are an excellent way to integrate SEO tactics. You cannot have multiple pages worth of content for your website. But a blog will allow you to publish as much content you want. And in each of that you can integrate SEO tactics.

4. User Engagement

advantages of bloggingOne of the most crucial aspects of marketing – user engagement. Customers look for businesses who care about them. Social trust is hard to come by. Blogs can help you build that. Encouraging users to comment helps you engage with them. It gives you a chance to convert them into leads.

5. Improves Communications

advantages of bloggingOne of the key advantages of blogging is the ability to communicate. Content is king. If you can write well the job is half done. A blog helps you increase social reach. More importantly helps you deliver the right message across.

Product announcements, key features, latest trends are few example of blog posts. Infographics are also a cool way to communicate. Provides a visual appeal. You can also invite guest bloggers. That helps you build reputation.

So, do you blog? If so what is your take on the key advantage of blogging? Give us your perspective on our blog. Share your opinion below.

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