5 Successful Twitter Contest Ideas For Businesses

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Social media marketing helps build a brand. Not just any brand, but a “trusted” brand. Creating buzz for your business reckons creative ideas. Increasing user engagement is on the top of every marketer’s list. How to get there? Simple. Run a twitter contest. Don’t know where to begin? Let’s walk the talk and see how can a twitter contest help.

Twitter contests are easy to setup. Followers, retweets, hashtags and much more. All with the power of 140 characters. A twitter contest would help you exploit all of these. It will help you engage with the audience. In real time. But the end goal is just not that. You want to create social awareness. You want people to know you, your business. Running a suitable twitter contest gives you a shot at that. But don’t forget to follow the rules and guidelines here.

5 Successful Twitter Contest Ideas For Businesses

Let’s take a look at some of the top 5 twitter contest campaigns.. Some might be useful, some might not. It would all depend on your persona, brand, business.

1. Follower Milestones

Approaching a follower milestone? Why not use this opportunity to engage with the users. Run a twitter contest to successfully guess the time you will hit your next milestone. The one with a guess closest to when it actually happens, wins.

For example, you are approaching 10000 followers. Run a twitter contest. “Tweet us the exact time and date we would reach our 10000th follower”. Plan to give away a prize to the winner. This will make users want to follow you. Also helps you engage with the audience. And promote your business.

2. Hashtag Campaigns

Twitter hashtags are a powerful tool. You can use that to promote your brand. Suggest a hashtag and have users use it in their tweets. They are automatically entered into a random draw. Lucky winners get a prize.

You can also get creative with this contest. Make users send out a one liner for your product. Have them use a specific hashtag to quality for the prize. You got plenty of punchlines, user engagements and followers. Add to it increasing brand awareness. All with just a simple contest.

Chegg recently ran a contest that looked like this. They asked students to use the hashtag #cheggmeout. The idea was to have them tweet how they saved money.

twitter contest


Retweets are another way of urging users to engage. It’s simple to follow and implement. Users have to take your latest tweet and simply retweet it. They can also get creative to add their new hashtags. Winners are decided at the end of the campaign.

One major advantage of this contest is that even non-followers can engage. It does not require users to follow you to participate. This helps attract more users.

4. Creative Answers

A step further is to have users actually reply to your tweets. You can setup a series of questions. The one to with the most creative answer wins a prize. If implemented religiously this could turn out to be one of the most important aspect.

Would you not prefer to have a business engage with you directly? Users thrive on personal touch. Replying to a user’s tweet or a question helps to add a trust factor.

5. Photo contests

A fun way of running a twitter contest is to use photos. Users should be asked to tweet with a photo of your product. Maybe come up with a creative or fun way of doing it. Winners are awarded accordingly.

This type of contest provides a visual aspect. It increases brand awareness. More importantly advertises your products.

Remember to track the results of your twitter contest. Track the user engagements. Monitor the performance. This helps you understand how to run future contests. One important aspect of a twitter contest is how long you can trend. Twitter trends provides excellent visibility to online users. Getting enough user engagements will make you trend longer.

How about trying Content Plum’s social media hub to manage your twitter contest? Read about why a social media hub can be useful. Got some more twitter contest ideas? Share them below.

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